Magic Universe is a big magical internet family for everyone. We pride ourselves on our accessible and wholesome atmosphere. Whether you are looking for people to game with or just trying to make new friends, we're here and will do our best to make you feel at home. Visit one of our user made Clubs about food or animation, join our chill Minecraft survival server, hop on our virtual world and have a hot chocolate in front of the fireplace, listen to our weekly podcast where we ramble about the newest idiocy or just hop on our chat to wind down after a long tiring day. Whatever it is, we hope you will love your time here in our magical Universe.

Discover more:

  • Chill and wholesome community
  • Game parties!
  • Clubs that you can create or join
  • An open plot world full of magic!
  • Monthly charity fundraisers
  • Custom Minecraft network
  • Lots of fun self appliable roles
  • Our very own weekly podcast show
  • Low requirements for partnering
  • Occasional fun giveaways
  • A fully custom made bot system
  • Celebrating birthdays channel
  • LGBTQ+ friendly zone!

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