Redprints - A Gaming/Social server for users who are 18+ and is completely SFW

We pride ourselves mostly off our community spirit. We want to make this place somewhere you can feel like you really have a home, somewhere that is personal where you can make real friendships that last!


Active pc, switch, PS4 and Xbox users to make friends with

Some of our users have communities of their own for specific games such as Final Fantasy, League, etc.

We are 18+, But we do not force verification.

No useless & clutter text and vc channels.

Anime, music, games, casino bots

Text chat levels and easy access roles

Active for all timezones

Designated channel for server advertisements

Catfishing proof for selfies

Staff that moderates the channel 24/7

We have events for movies, karaoke, gaming tournaments and more

We now have a Minecraft server!!

And an ARK server!!

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