Hello lovelies and cuties! ABDLCircle is a community that is mostly littlespace orientated. We are all about Acceptance, Compassion, & Understanding! All our media channels, both SFW and NSFW, require the Verified 18+ role. This also applies to all of Voice Chat, Movie Nights, Story Nights, venting-rant channels, unique roles and events along with Main-NSFW.

  • 18+ Only! All media channels both SFW and NSFW are gated behind 18+ role, along with Voice Chat and many other areas of the server.
  • We are very accepting of those who are a system, plural or have other dissociative disorders. We have Pluralkit.
  • We are very accepting of LGBTIQ+ Community. Our staff, and the community owners are part of LGBTIQ+ themselves.
  • Roles for Real Life and Little Space Age, Gender, and Pronouns
  • Various ABDL/CGL & Furry roles
  • Anonymous ticket report system where you can report a user that violates rules.
  • Care a lot role related to making people feel valid, and cared for. (Mental health, LGBTIQ+ Awareness).
  • Minecraft Java Edition Server and channel.
  • Venting & Rant Channel
  • Premium Dank Memer
  • Teddy Bear, MLP, Neko, Stitch and other misc emotes.

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