Welcome to Smash Throne

A growing smash community with everlasting friendliness, joy and fun! Our server has been here since the launch of super smash bros and we hope to spread our hardwork and love to new members!

Our Specials

  • Weekly tournaments both competitive and casual with prizes such as, Nitro, eShop Cards, and a custom role with colour of choice.
  • Custom top 8 graphics for you to flex your placement in tournaments.
  • Active matchmaking and general channels keeping the server at it's peak.
  • Active voice channels for you to always be able to get into so you can show others your game is on!
  • Professional teachers to help new smash bros players into the community.
  • Flair roles for special notifications such as events, entertainment, competitions and other games.
  • Entertainment role for movie nights!
  • Other Games are played such as: Mario Kart, Minecraft, Among us and Animal Crossing.
  • Over 5500 members!
  • Dedicated staff team for quality moderation.
  • Official Crew Team
  • Affiliated with the biggest Smash Discord

We hope to see you there!

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