Welcome to RP Palooza!

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RP Palooza is a duel hub for role-players as well as a community server for artists, writers and more! Friendly & welcoming staff await for you at the door and when entering there's only one thing to do! Create an introduction to become verified, just a few sentences about yourself. This allows you to get access to the community part of our server where most of us are rather friendly individuals who like to discuss of a wide range of topics.

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In RP Palooza You'll Find...


  • An open and helpful (mostly Canadian) staff team + userbase.
  • LGBT & Furry-friendly community.
  • Categories & resources for artists, writers, and role-players!
  • Server events for artists, writers and role-players alike.
  • Create your own roleplay channels within the server!
  • Loads of ways to roleplay with another and to find YOUR roleplay partner!
  • An open, loose meta rp about the 'Kingdom of Palooza'.
  • DND games and campaigns are hosted and played here.
  • We host various game nights, movie nights and other such events.
  • Active streams and vibes in our VC's. ═════°∴,⋅✲══〖★〗══✲⋅,∴°═══╝

We hope to see you there!

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