Join if you are a mature individual that like talk hacking, privacy, general technoloy, etc. We're a small community that has a small group that participates in CTF events, is passionate about technology, programming, security, and privacy.

We will not hack (insert literally fucking anything) for you. This group is about learning and having fun, not criminal activity.

Interest > Skill/Experience. Everyone is welcome to come learn or teach.

We're not interested in hearing about how cool you are because you just ran sqlmap against a random site on Google, nobody wants to join your new hacking group, and nobody cares that you once DDoSed your favorite game server in the name of anonymous. Don't bring that shit here.

The people are great, and the rules are loose but enforced.

Average conversation includes:

  • Security
  • Hardware Hacking
  • Privacy
  • Tech Hardware
  • Networking
  • Homelabs
  • Programming
  • Gaming

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