Nighthaven Enclave Mission Statement: To provide people a safe place to be free to; Express Themselves, Be True to Themselves, Make Friends, Get Support, Vent, Have Fun, Smile, Become More Than They Are. To stand up for Justice, Equality for All, and Supporting the Progression of Humanity into the Future, by facilitating discussion & conceptions of a better Tomorrow.


  • Please do not Bully, Harass, or Troll any Member of Nighthaven Enclave, or act in a discriminatory way towards any marginalized or at-risk group.
  • Do not Spam, Promote, or Solicit, except in channels where appropriate.
  • Please Do Not DM Users without Consent.
  • Please Be Aware of the Channel Directory, and Post in the Appropriate Channels.

  • Nighthaven Enclave is an LGBT+ Inclusive Space.

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