Content warning; If you are sensitive to swearing, slightly explicit jokes, ETC. I don't recommend joining
K2 is a furry animation meme server and fan server that's currently very small

It includes;

⋆ | Both SFW and NSFW

⋆ | Gender/pronoun/sexuality/interest roles that you can assign yourself + locked categories so you don't have to see topics you aren't interested in

⋆ | Of course, there's art and animation channels to promote your inspirations or your own art

⋆ | There's also channels related to other things like roleplay, bots, gaming, venting, and IRL photography

⋆ | K2 is active everyday ( Maybe not ALL day, but it's never completely dead )

⋆ | Design-wise, it's pretty simple, with no special fonts or heavy-emoji use in channel or category names; but there's alot of rainbow dividers

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