GSRM Support


Welcome to Galactic Super Robot Mutants. The name is a take on GSRM or Gender, Sexual and Romantic Minorities. More commonly known as LGBT+ but a far more inclusive and fair acronym. This group is a safe space for GSRM and Allies alike.

I host multiple servers across multiple games that you can participate in. My goal is to cultivate a small and happy environment with people who need a far more positive atmosphere. A place to go to to seek friends and overcome a sense of loneliness and isolation one might feel if they are a part of GSRM in an unfriendly environment.

We are all badass Galactic Super Robot Mutants who wish to change the world for the better. Be the change you want to see.

Features: Choose your own roles, auto-assigning roles. No waiting to get online! Support Voice Chat for 4 people at a time and 4 gaming servers. Ever feel like a bit of an outcast in society? You don't? That's fine you'll still fit in just fine here!


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