"The year is 8025. The city: Yujo - a dystopian new world order and technological superpower, lies in lawlessness.

The government overthrown, order is upheld by dangerous gangs and crime bosses who'll do anything to maintain power and control over their territory.

Humans have evolved. Either part machine or part animal, civilization is split by Cyborgs and Hanju who are constantly striving for a way to peacefully co-exist while remaining loyal to the ties that bind them.

Explore Yujo via free-roam role-play or complete a quest to gain control over the empire with others of your class. As danger closes in around you and new alliances are formed, will you remain loyal to your relationships or loyal to your cause?"

All of our bots are home-made or premium! :)

Plus, enjoy a fully-fleshed tabletop game inspired by DND, Starwars, Final Fantasy, Cyberpunk 2077, and some of the best RPG games out there!

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