Haven VII, one of the thirty-nine remaining domed cities on this scorched and broken world. Enter into this cyberpunk dystopian world set in the year 2320, one-hundred and twenty-five years after a solar flare from our sun decimated the planet already torn apart by a world war.

From inside these protected cities, scientists develop ways to further humanity, some theorizing about terraforming Earth back to liveable conditions, others trying to enhance the species through Gene-splicing and Cybernetic technology.

Haven VII was built to house the remaining populace of the UK. While it started off as a paradise, division between the citizens has made the main district split into two factions. Those that follow the law and are protected by its systems, and those that reject the law, letting greed and anarchy rule their lives. The fourth generation of citizens adapts to what is their new normal as humans, androids, cyborgs, and the gene-spliced try to co-exist inside the shielded walls.

Create a unique character. Make a Pure Human with no alteration to their DNA or Cybernetics filling the spaces of their body. Maybe a cyborg that has enhanced their body with tech to give them the edge. Gene-splice some wolf DNA to make you the leader of the pack. Or perhaps you are part of the sentient Android race.

Come join us in this setting, and enjoy the RPG elements made for this server and a growing community of enthusiasts.

for more information on the lore see our world anvil page! (still a work in progress) https://www.worldanvil.com/w/haven-project-lilspoon2327

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