We've implemented a Mood Roles system to our server, meaning at anytime you can change your mood from a given selection and the channels you are able to see adjusts to fit that mood. It's an easy way to have direct control over how many notifications you receive and let others know if you're up for chatting, just hanging out, or would like to be left alone.

No matter your mood you'll always have access to the music lounges and the streaming lounges so you can share and listen to music with others while you do your chores, or watch a movie together either while chatting or in silence.

We host movies every Friday night which the server votes on over the weekend. If you interact with the server regularly you'll gain access to our activities channels which feature a whole army of gaming bots for you to interact with others. But again, you control what you see of the server and what you interact with without ever having to feel overwhelmed by a long list of channels and endless notifications.

Stop in for a rest, traveler. Come and go as you please.

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