Welcome to our server!

We are a new 13+ community server with friendly members that wants to grow up with nice people like you!

What do we have:

★┃Leveling rewards which gives you several server rewards┃★

★┃Lots of colors to choose from to make you unique from others┃★

★┃Fun channels including:┃★

★┃Memes channel for your funny videos┃★ ★┃Spamming channel to smash your keyboard┃★ ★┃Art channel to showcase your drawings and other things that you made!┃★ ★┃Counting channel┃★

★┃Economy and fun bots such as:┃★

★┃Dank Memer (Robbing is disabled)┃★ ★┃OwO bot┃★ ★┃Yggdrasil┃★

★┃International chat to talk with everyone in the world!┃★

★┃FREE self-promotion channels to promote your content!┃★

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