If you are not literate/can't spell, there is a high chance you will be banned.


Basic Rules:

    1. No godmodding.
    1. No ERPing/NSFW stuff.
    1. No powerplaying.
    1. No metagaming.
  • You can create OCs, but there is 3 restrictions. Character limit for both OCs and canon character is 3. No guests characters. The 4 most powerful characters in the MK universe are locked behind a approval process.


The story takes place in a alternate universe where characters both from the current timeline such as Erron Black and Kotal Kahn and characters from the classic timeline co-exist with their backstories and important details of their history intact. It's your choice of what version of the character you choose. Shao Kahn currently rules Outworld. The events of MK1 haven't taken place yet. Besides that, there isn't really a set story. You are free to start your own plots and such.

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