Kryptonians were initially a fierce and savage race of brutal yet honorable warriors. As their own planet, Krypton, ran out of resources, they saved it by continuing to acquire resources from their colonies. One of those resources were creatures from Earth. Originally, they had dogs for amusement and guarding and humans as a work force, but the dogs weren't trainable enough for their tastes and the humans weren't obedient enough. So the brilliant minds of Krypton's scientists decided to see if they could customize a species that would merge the best aspects of both.

This was tens of thousands of years ago, and in modern society humans have evolved to become a Kryptonian's best friend.

Play as either a human or a Kryptonian in this story-based server set on the planet Krypton. All humans have dog ears and tails, enhanced senses, and a heightened sense of loyalty to their Kryptonian owners. Of course, there are those that shun that life and live as strays, instead.

Become an upstanding member of Kryptonian high society with your trusty human at your side, be an honorable human protector of your master, or shun a society that sees humans as a lesser species. The choice is yours.

We are currently accepting players aged 20+ who want to write casually in a multi-fandom RP server with other mature players. OCs are allowed. Come in, take a look around, and see if we're the right fit for you.

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