The year is 1983, the Cold War has heated up due to Arm Race raising tensions between the U.S. and the Soviet Union. The United States setups the taskforce N.S.S. (The National Security Service) as a way to keep an eye on actions of foreign powers that could cause trouble for the United States. It is similar to the KGB. N.S.S. is responsible for gathering information regarding any foreign nuclear operation and is known for working with foreign agencies to do so. But what the public does not know is that the N.S.S. also does covert operations that often cross the line in the eyes of most public agencies. But recently the N.S.S. began looking for special operatives to help with the ongoing effort to prevent rogue factions from getting their hands on Nuclear Weapons, this is mainly due to a power struggle at play in the Soviet Union. Due to conflicting interests and ideals the Soviet Union has been divided but maintains the front of a united group thanks largely in part to the efforts of the KGB. This prevents any enemies from being able to call the Soviet Union out on the fact that there is a civil war. But the faction that has unofficially declared this war is the F.P.R. (Free People of Russia) declaring war against a group they call the Iron Curtain. The Iron Curtain is the group that controls most of the Soviet Union's Military and has pushed the F.P.R. underground. The N.S.S. has been requested to assist the F.P.R. in taking out the renegade people in power. They have agreed to keep the fight focused on themselves but without help they will surely perish soon. Some are not too pleased with asking the N.S.S. for help but put it aside thanks to the fact that this is a war that could change the world... This is where our story starts...

What we offer:

A unique story An Enviroment to interact with other Rpers in A cool admin team (So long as you obey the rules)

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