this is a server about my video game Unwritten Chronicles. we talk a lot about fiction creature species and host irregular events sometimes that help people to get out of their "normal" comfort zone to give ppl the feel of acceptation & bonding.

pretty much like any other server but retardation might be bigger than anticipated, so beware. if u like odd looking critts that are mascottes who communicate with ya in order to gain prizes for the end result of a video game in progress this is the server for u.

rules r stated in #annoucements & all channel purposes too. enjoyu.

a story that could be told in less than 10 words for the sole purpose of filling up some the remaining 2125 characters


just clarifying the guy doesn't even wanna talk about y he angry nor talk at all. call me dense but i have no idea how to approach him aswell to get on ok-terms again, so not even gonna try.

so for story purposes let's just call him ummm.. harry. i don't kno anyone who is called harry so.

the moment i thought we were ok out of all odds this happened:

i was talking with some ppl and at first i thought he was just joking cuz of a prank i did to his friend. BUT NA, he was srsly angry and kept me blocked. idk if i should feel sinned for laughing at this tho.

the prank was basically: harry's bff blocked me. let's call her karen cuz everyone dislikes those karens (so do i, in this case)

i found it funny cuz she blocked me for a dumb reason (i was trying to tease her by saying our lives r a joke, and everything i said, was an obvious joke anyway, i already knew she disliked me and didn't give a single sht about anything i said so yeah: no humans were harmed in this one).

so blocked her back and played dense that i blocked her cuz knowing disc, all messages could pretty much be seen by clicking on them. everyone shtting believed that i did not know i blocked her, and it was just amazing to see people be like "can you please unblock karen" and me going on with the dense act.

now he did exactly that but kept me blocked with some hidden message i was apparently supposed to understand from the start.

??? < my exact inside reaction.

so, did y'all ever have a harry in ur life aswell?