:Come join Anime Cloud! Anime Cloud is a growing, active community that caters to all kinds of anime, manga, and gaming fandoms. Come unleash your inner weeb and talk about your favorites here! Our server offers a variety of self roles that allow you to tailor your โ€˜Cloudโ€™ experience. Choose from sharing your art, your cosplays, or just your favorite funny anime/non-anime memes.

Some other cool things we offer: Expressive bots such as Eli bot for all your feels

Bot games such as Mudae and Pokecord

A wide variety of fun, customized emoji - we even have our own โ€˜emote requestโ€™ area!

Gaming events where the entire server is encouraged to participate

Music channels and jam sessions, come vibe!

An expanding role play section: we currently host a fully functional My Hero Academia roleplay that is looking to fill up with more amazing writers. However, thereโ€™ll be another fandom added soon! Join to find out which series weโ€™ll be exploring nextโ€ฆ.

NSFW 18+ Channels with special events, such as Water Wigglie Wednesdays: a NSFW ASMR laugh fest!

A โ€˜Daily Lifeโ€™ area -- because we love learning more about our users!

Movie and stream nights

Cosplaying and arts channels that welcomes a variety of artists

Spam channels for all your REEEEE and wiggle moods

So much more!

Youโ€™re also welcome to just join in and chat with us! The AC family is super welcoming and excited to have you! Weโ€™ll see you soon!

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