Hello! I'd like to introduce you to Galactic Realms, a new Minecraft crossplay network. You may wonder what makes us different to endless amount of Minecraft servers out there. This question can be answered with in 3 simple answers.

  • Experience running Minecraft servers
  • Community (an amazing community that we are building, free of toxicity)
  • Being cross-platform, allowing both Java and bedrock clients to connect to the SAME server. So long as you are able to play with people on your device, whatever that device is, be it a smartphone, switch, console, or computer, you WILL be able to play on Galactic Realms.

We currently have grief-free survival (SMP), and plan to add creative plots, and plan to host regular events, where the winners can win something in game, or in the web store, such as a rank, or perk, or cosmetic of some kind. We also plan to host more gamemodes in the future, including one rarely seen (more details will be given on that another time) Come join today, don't delay, and see what the hype is all about!

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