FurDevs is a Programming Discord Server for Developer and Furries who are Interested in programming whether you never wrote a line of code or probably is really experienced. We are a friendly and supportive programming server who will help you with many things that relates to programming, whether you're a furry or not you are welcome to join this server.


What do we have in the server?

:computer: - Support in Programming We'll help you out in programming languages such as C, C#, C++, Java, Javascript, Node.js, Python, Rust, Nim and PHP

:gear: - Support in Topics Other than programming languages we can help you out with Hardware, OS, Web Development, Discord's API and more

:brain: - Learn Programming Whether you're a new programmer or not we can teach you Programming, We have a VC dedicated for that so if you prefer someone teaching it to you that way we have that, and we're currently working on youtube videos and documents for programming so you can learn programming

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