Stepping into this world, you will become an adventurer for a newly established guild in the city of Blackbrook. Here, you can form adventurer parties with others and embark on quests to either help the people of the city and beyond, if you prove to be a valuable and reliable member to The Guild, they may even task you to take on much more dangerous jobs to further The Guild’s own goals. Of course, the rewards will be more than fitting of such endeavors.

The main system of the RP and it’s world are in the quest system that can be found below. The quests serve as a method for you and your fellow role players to take on a quest together and see it through to its completion. There are two different types that can be taken. The first is Non-GM’d quests. These will not have a particular story already attached to them, think of them as role play prompts that you and your allies can plan a simple plot around then play together. With these quests, you can opt-in or out of making use of the dice bot to have an element of chance in the role play or if you like to have more control, it’s up to you and your partners. And don’t be shy to ask someone in the server to GM the quest on behalf of the participants, more often than not, there is someone up to the task.

The next style is GM’d quests. These quests are much more challenging and have an individual appointed to lead the story, play npc’s and uphold other aspects of the quest that the adventurer’s will be participating in. Whereas the former quest style is naturally more spontaneous, the GM’d quests are prepared beforehand and will likely have story elements towards the greater plot of the role play. Depending on how these quests are concluded, they could even have a tangible effect on the rest of the world that other players will be able to see as the world grows. The general rules of the quest will also be decided upon by the Gm. With this in mind, player’s are also encouraged to create quests for others to participate in if they find themselves to be up to the task. Don’t be afraid to submit a quest idea.

The world of Ayithas is a fundamentally shattered world. Calamity has stricken it several times over, and would-be conquers have held the heart of the world within their grasp. But yet it still lives. Despite the many hardships, the world of Ayithas continues to grow and flourish. Times can be dark, or filled with light. But it's up to those living in it to decide which it is.

What do you fight for? 18+ONLY

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