Are you a fan of Vtubers? Do you want a (Hopefully) Useful Vtuber Utility server?

Well then Join Vtuber Portal!

We pride ourselves on providing as many useful features as you can think of, such as:

  • An easy to use Role Reaction menu For each Popular Vtuber (So far includes: Hololive (EN/JP/ID) / VOM / MISC [Nyanners/Melody/Kizuna/etc]. The View after you give yourself a Few Vtuber Rooms~
  • Each Role lets you see their respective room, Where their Twitter post, YouTube post, And Twitch Live stream notices will go. Gura's channel as an example~
  • Each Room Contains the Vtubers Twitter and YouTube links.
  • Server Boosting Benefits
  • In Process = Vtuber Live Bots: Adding bots that will show up as any of our Vtubers when they are live, or if a Vtuber is "live in 4 hours" the Bot will show up as that Vtuber, and will count down from hours to minutes, then too "Live on YouTube!". [For example, if Gura is live now, and Fubuki is in 3 hours; Gura will have the "Live on YouTube!" role, whereas Fubuki ]
  • COMING SOON = Vtuber Live Bot Collab Grouping: We were working on the above bots having Colab abilities, Where if two+ Vtubers [We have] are collabing together, They would be grouped under specific Roles/groups that way you would know their Collabing [This might take some time, finding a method that is close too 100% accurate is rather difficult]
  • In Process = A 24/7 VC; That played Hololive EN songs on loop [in progress because mee6's loop function doesn't work]



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