As of 1/19/2021, we have officially passed 100 members! Thank you all, active or not, for supporting and interacting with us! We hope to continue growing, and as we grow, we change into something completely special! We look forward to having you with us!

~Welcome to the Multiversal Roleplay Centre!~

This is a server dedicated to being a hangout spot, supporting many fandoms and communities. It doesn't matter if you're into serious roleplay or just wanting to goof around. Everyone is welcome! Sure, it may take some time to gain more followers and invitees, but just know that there is no pressure, no toxicity (hopefully), and above all else, a reason to have a good time.

A whole slew of shows, movies, stories, and more are slowly being pieced together into a grand Nexus! From My Little Pony to Hazbin Hotel, from Marvel to the SCP Foundation and everything in between, there are no limits to what kinds of (mis)adventures that await! And if roleplaying is not your style, there are, of course, casual conversations, meme-sharing, music-listening, and plenty of other things, with more being added in gradually.

This Server Includes:

• Tupperbox and PluralKit

• PokèCord and MewBot

• Meme Bots

• Virtual Diner

• Birthday Bot

• Color Chan

• Yggdrasil

• Supports LGBT+

• Supports all interests and fandoms

• OCs are welcome!

• Upcoming Events

• No need to submit a character or anything like that! Just hop in and start roelplaying!

What makes this server really stand out is how you can be able to share your ideas on how to make it grow! Suggestions and contributions are always welcome!

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