The Great War Reimagined

About this server

This is server sort of an alternate world that takes place with WW2 technology and made up countries. The two contries are the Torrishallians and the Lucicians. They are fighting a war ten years after being allies against a common enemy but the Torrishillians are more power hungry now than they used to be. This is more of a free roleplay and you must make a character before you can roleplay. What this server offers

-Friendly community

-Friendly staff (So long as you follow the rules)

-A unique enviroment

-bots such as Tupperbox to use for roleplays.

-A separate nsfw rp server (certain requirements must be met to access though)

A little lore piece The world has been at peace for nearly 10 years after the fall of the Ashayan Army. The Lucicians have become one of the only remaining nations in the world due to the Great War that devastated the world years prior. Despite this the tensions of war are once again creeping at the door step of the Lucicians as the Torishallian government a once friendly nation has mysteriously gone quiet and reports say that they are plotting something big. All planes that have flown over the Torishallian area have mysteriously vanished and there are no reports from any operatives inside the Torishallian lands. That is until one day the Torishallian government launched an invasion upon the Lucician Government invading the Beach of Romandy.

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